Podcast: Jess Vega, Nak'd - Natural Balance Foods

How to make your brand famous with outdoor media

Season 4, Episode 2: FMCG trailblazer, Jess Vega, Marketing Manager for Nak'd bars at Natural Balance Foods, joins Ian Whittaker to discuss creativity as a crucial component in successful brand building. Having worked at global brands such as Mondelez, Nestle and Ferrero, Jess noticed a shift towards online ROI focussed marketing during the pandemic and so wanted to try and rebalance the brand funnel - refocusing on brand building to drive growth. She set out to do this in a groundbreaking and creative way. Jess is joined by Andrew Mullins, Creative Solutions Director at JCDecaux UK, here to give insight into how innovative and creative ideas like Jess’s can be applied to your brand to fuel growth.

Jess Vega marketing manager Nakd natural balance foods

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