Podcast: Jawad Safdar (Hyperoptic Broadband), James Chandler (IAB), Steph Claxton (PwC)

Digital is the new traditional - brand channels’ latest digital capabilities

Season 2, Episode 1: The IAB has officially classified Digital Out-of-Home and Broadcast Video on Demand as digital channels due to the latest capabilities. But how easily is this being accepted within the industry? Award-winning Analyst, Ian Whittaker, is joined by IAB CEO, James Chandler, PwC’s Steph Claxton and Jawad Safdar, Head of Channel & Performance Marketing at Hyperoptic Broadband, where they discuss how digital campaigns can now extend beyond performance channels to create truly integrated, multi-channel campaigns that can be planned and measured in the same way. They debate the opportunities and challenges the industry faces in adopting this, from a need to educate the industry on the latest digital capabilities of these channels, to how team silos can restrict the adoption of truly integrated campaigns and the impact this has on marketing results. Learn what you can do to take this forward for your organisation.

Jawar Safdar Hyperoptic Broadband James Chandler IAB Steph Claxton PwC

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