Podcast: Chris Langley, System1

Three and Specsavers prove creativity is a force for growth

Season 3, Episode 12: Want to unlock the secret to creating the perfect poster? In this episode, Chris Langley, Director of Global Media Partnerships at System 1, and Nick Drewe, Research Executive at JCDecaux UK, join Ian Whittaker to share how they worked with brands such as Three and Specsavers to develop new results-driven guidelines on how to create the perfect poster. The new collaborative research from System1, Lumen Research and JCDecaux UK combines AI, Emotion and Attention testing to show that creativity is a key driver for effectiveness. In a world where attention is a finite resource, find out how to optimise your Out-of-Home creative to build your brand and drive results through the funnel.

Podcast: Chris Langley, System1

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